Cloud VoiceExpress

The digital phone line that goes wherever customers go

Cloud Voice Express lets customers make and take calls on their business number from anywhere. So they stay in touch and in control wherever they go.

When a customer downloads the Cloud Voice Express app on their smartphone, they can connect with clients and colleagues using their business number, wherever they are.
Your phone number is part of your local business identity. With Cloud Voice Express, you can keep the same number for life – even if you move sites.
Our filters automatically block nuisance calls from tens of thousands of known numbers. So customers can get back to what really matters.
A customer’s voicemail will convert their messages to text and send them straight to the app. It’s less time pressing options one, two or three, and more time getting on with the job at hand.
To access their digital phone line when back at the office, customers will need a new handset. We include one with every Cloud Voice Express line.
Customers will never miss an important call again. If they’re up against it, the call divert feature sends unanswered calls through to other colleagues, so they don’t miss out on new opportunities.

Personalise how you communicate with BT Cloud Voice Express.

Customers can take their business on the move

Customers can download the Cloud Voice Express app on their smartphone, and stay connected with their customers and colleagues, wherever they choose to work.

Make and take calls

When anyone calls a customer’s business landline number, their mobile will ring at the same time. So they can answer business calls wherever they’re working from. Customers can also make calls from the app using their landline number and call plan. So they can take their business identity with them.

Voicemail just got better

Customers get notifications for voicemail messages. Rather than call an automated mailbox, they can access all their messages from the app. These messages appear as a list, so they can go straight to the one they want to listen to – and delete those they don’t. All messages are also converted to text, so they can quickly read them rather than waste time pressing options one, two or three.

Contacts and call history

The Cloud Voice Express app syncs with the customer’s contacts, so all their numbers are only a tap away. It also syncs the customer’s complete call history – whether they rang someone using the app or their office phone.

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