Electric Vehicle CHARGING

You could gain a competitive advantage by providing charge points for the growing number of EV drivers. Zest works with commercial landowners and brands to design charging solutions that match your customers’ usage patterns. This no-cost managed service provides hassle-free installation, long-term reliability and compelling revenue opportunities.

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Commercial Landowners

Real estateRetailHotels & hospitality | Car park operators

Increase visitor numbers

Combining parking with charging introduces a level of convenience that makes any destination more attractive to customers.

Enhance brand reputation

EV charging facilities shows customers you are aligned with their values on climate change and have taken positive action.

Improve dwell time and loyalty

Charging customers take more time, are more likely to spend and more likely to keep coming back.

Generate revenue

If the upfront costs and operational risks can be overcome, destination charging can provide a source of long-term revenues.

No cost, no hassle

Investing in the whole service lifecycle from planning to deployment, and managing the infrastructure and driver experience over the long term.

Assured revenues

Providing long-term rental income for rapid charging stations and profit share for fast charging stations

Brand Value

Working with brands to drive maximum value from the charging site. From service co-creation to advertising to demonstrating the brand’s positive action on net zero.

Government Backed

Providing the best quality equipment and will support you and your customers for at least 15 years. Projects are backed by the government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, making Zest a safe and dependable choice.

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