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Save up to 40% off electric cars with salary sacrifice

Fruit in the office, or EV on the driveway? We know which one we’d stick around for. Your team get the car, charger and energy all in one, saving up to 40% with Octopus Electric Vehicles. Simple setup, minimal admin, maximum reward for your people.

Octopus Electric Vehicles salary sacrifice scheme is an employee benefit that allows your team to access a range of electric vehicles at no upfront cost.

Your team pays for a brand new EV from their gross salary, helping them save on National Insurance and Income Tax. As a business, you recover some of the cost through the employee's gross pay.

Go electric, it’s easier / faster / cheaper than you think.

Help your team save the planet and their wallets whilst hitting your business's net zero targets. The scheme is open to companies of all shapes and sizes. Plus, it’s free to set up and offer to your team.

Your team gets the whole EV package

The car, charger, energy, insurance (subject to eligibility), servicing, maintenance, breakdown and tyres. What more could they ask for?.

How does salary sacrifice work for your company?

Getting started is simple


Octopus EV does the legwork, you get the glory

Minimum admin, cost neutral, simple set up.


Employees order their EV

With the help of our EV Experts, your team have a wide range of cars to choose from. 


It's a win-win!

Your company and your employees save money on a new EV and you contribute to your net zero goals.

How can salary sacrifice benefit your company?

Hit your net zero targets

Save the planet and your team's wallets.

Boost your benefits package

Choose the planet-positive choice; each EV can save up to 2.7 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Pay less National Insurance

Your business saves on National Insurance, which many opt to put back into the scheme.

Early-termination protection

Things can change, so we give flexibility if someone leaves the company. 

What’s different about the Octopus EV salary sacrifice scheme?

The whole package

Servicing, maintenance, insurance and breakdown cover. 

Market leading Trustpilot rating of 4.8*

The most trusted EV retailer in the UK.

At home charging package

A free home charger with standard installation, and up to 4,000 miles worth of EV charge if you take an eligible Octopus Energy tariff.

Or on the road charging package

Can’t charge at home? Get up to 4,000 miles worth of EV charge in public charging credit through the Electroverse network.

Save up to 40% on a brand new EV

With many pre-ordered to get you on the road quicker.

The largest all electric fleet in the UK and true experts

Octopus EV has funded and delivered over 16,000 EVs.

How does my company join?


Get started today

Register your interest to start your journey.


Octopus EV will get your company live

Your dedicated account manager will support you every step of the way.


Octopus EV launch the scheme for you 

Webinars and drive days for you and your team.


Your team get behind the wheel of an EV!

Dedicated quote tools for employees to place orders.

Do you run a small business?

Looking for a car for yourself? If you pay yourself a salary you can still drive off into the green sunset.

Get Started
  • We offer everything you need to hit the road.
  • Our package includes:
  • Your brand new EV
  • A free home charger, installed by an expert engineer 4,000 miles of free charge (at home or on the public network)
  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Replacement tyres
  • Breakdown cover
  • Insurance (some employers choose not to include this)

Check out this guide that explains exactly what's included in salary sacrifice and how much it costs.

Once your business has joined the scheme, the employer decides who can get an EV through it.

As a minimum, a member of your team needs to have completed your probation period, be on a permanent contract and paid via PAYE, and hold a valid UK driving licence. They must also be able to afford the vehicle without going below minimum wage and not be planning on retiring during the length of the contract.

See the additional insurance eligibility criteria here .

We love answering this. It costs you nothing . Our salary sacrifice scheme is totally free for employers to set up.

It’s a win-win. You get to supercharge your employee benefits  package and your team can save up to 40% when they switch to an electric vehicle.

We make it hassle-free for employers to manage the scheme, with our digital-first approach.

Through our dedicated HR dashboard, employers can get all the information they need about the scheme, making it super-simple to launch, approve orders from their team, complete tax and carbon reporting and more.

Octopus EV have early termination protection built into their scheme for a variety of circumstances to avoid any fees being paid. It is best to discuss this with Octopus EV to understand their terms and conditions in more detail.

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