NSN has been at the cutting edge of internet telephony for more than a decade, quietly developing and delivering super reliable technologies, applications and features, including iPBX, our hosted telephony platform.

The iPBX platform has been created specifically as a complete business telephony service, ideal for organisations of all sizes, from sole traders to multi-site deployments.

It’s easy to put iPBX, our hosted telephony platform, at the heart of your unified communications packages. It delivers everything you need from a premium hosted telephony platform – except the premium price.


The Solution is packed with clever features to help your customers make the most of their telephone communications. They can easily configure preferences both for individual phones and for their phone network through the web portal. They can also set many of the most common features direct from the handsets.

Headline feature Description Silver Gold
Privacy Call ID Blocking Yes Yes
Block anonymous calls Yes Yes
Block anonymous divert Yes Yes
Block anonymous reject Yes Yes
Block anonymous divert to voice mail Yes Yes
Do Not Disturb DND Yes Yes
Place caller on hold Yes Yes
Call transfer Call transfer attended Yes Yes
Call transfer unattended
Call transfer blind Yes Yes
Call Divert CD Always Yes Yes
CD Busy Yes Yes
CD No answer Yes Yes
Business Landlines

The NSN Soft Applications

NSN Phone Buddy puts the power of the iPBX phone system on your desktop, laptop and smart devices.

Phone Buddy (The iPBX desktop application) shows screen
popups when new calls, voicemails and messages arrive
and can provide full Windows soft phone functionality to
make and take calls from your PC.

  • Messages and alerts, with popups when they arrive
  • Instant message and Presence
  • Easy access to telephone directories with options
    to call, email or chat
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zoho and other
    external CRM systems

On Windows PC’s and laptops the floating dashboard allows
you to keep Phone Buddy on screen, positioned where
you want it, update your presence status quickly, access
directories, view history, make calls and set up diverts.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator or receptionist. You can create a library of recorded greetings and instructions, and up to 125 individual menus and sub-menus.

Time-based Routing

Time-based Routing enables businesses to configure individual phones and voicemail messages for different times of the day or week. The schedule will automatically route inbound calls in specific ways for particular periods, eg. lunchtimes, weekends or holidays.

Mobile Softphone

The iPBX mobile softphone is available for android and iOS devices. The App allows you to use your smartphone as a company phone extension. This enables you to keep in touch with your colleagues and contacts, wherever you are.

Call Recording

Call Recording allows companies to record calls on all or specific company phones. For each phone number, you may choose to record all calls or a specified percentage of calls, and whether you want to record just external or both internal and external calls.

Call Queues

Call Queues hold incoming calls when there are no free operators available. With iPBX you can create up to 50 call queues and choose different music for different queues. The automatic reporting module generates two Call Queue reports, which can be viewed,
downloaded and / or printed.

Wallboards and reporting


View performance statistics from your desktop or mobile device with Wallboards.

Wallboards provide an essential insight into your call activity and help you manage the system even when you are away from the office.

The NSN wallboards display call statistics across a group of phones, allowing Call Group members to monitor activity and respond to performance issues.

Statistics can be displayed on any web-enabled and connected device.
Wallboards provide teams with a view of how they are performing, the number of callers in the queue and past activity, which can highlight when additional members may be required to login to cater for busy times.

Inbound Calls
Answered calls, lost calls, queued calls and ring duration by group or individual users.

Outbound Calls
Average duration and maximum duration by group or individual users.

Queued Calls
Average queue time, maximum queue time, queue limit breaches, timeouts, callers in queue.

The iPBX Portal

The iPBX portal allows users to oversee their account and set security levels. The customer portal allows end-users to set their corporate and individual system preferences.

iPBX & Microsoft Teams Battlecard

Why iPBX & MS Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows businesses the opportunity to integrate telephony and transform the way they work, using Microsoft Teams direct routing and business voice, creating a single communications platform.

With many companies supporting and maintaining their own Microsoft office 365 account, and with telephony now based in the cloud, this would seem to be a natural progression.

Telecoms companies are embracing the integration of telephony with Microsoft Teams and the efficiency it will create for users, however, simply moving to a Microsoft Teams environment for telephony is not as simple as it sounds, as it does not support many of the key telephony features used today.

NSN have put together a installation guide to help deliver the iPBX solution that integrates with your Microsoft Teams environment and keeps all the telephony features you require.

Collaboration is key and the iPBX Teams Voice Licence, enables you to connect your iPBX solution, with your Microsoft Teams environment, smoothly and efficiently, with an easy-to-use management tool, benefitting the way the users operate.

IPBX enables you to deliver an integrated communications experience, to your Microsoft Teams users, with a simple admin portal that enhances the capability of your Teams desktop and Teams Mobile applications.

A IPBX Teams Voice licence is required for each Teams user. There is no need for any expensive hardware or capital outlay and configuration is completed through the IPBX partner portal.

Once configured, calls are routed between your IPBX environment and Microsoft Teams platform, through gateways in the cloud, making the connection invisible to the user and enabling businesses to benefit from the best connectivity and call bundles available.

Once you have the licence you maintain all your existing telephony features and contact numbers and you can benefit from the collaborative tools offered by Microsoft Teams.

IT Benefits

Maintain feature rich and traditional voice communication services including call routing and reporting features.

Business Benefits

Increase efficiency with a single platform for collaboration and calls Provide remote workers with a complete set of tools for use across desk based and mobile devices.

What is the benefit of having calls in Teams?
Combining your telephony solution and Microsoft Teams has huge benefits for productivity and unifying your communications. It should be remembered however, that Teams is a desktop application and that there are key differences between the features and calling packages offered by Microsoft Teams and a traditional telephone solution.
Why can I not just use Teams?

Microsoft Teams PBX functionality is limited and important features enjoyed by many phone users are not supported, meaning businesses are preferring to integrate their Microsoft Teams with a Hosted telephony solution, to maximise functionality.

Examples of this include the lack of control over Timed Based Routing when organising your hours of operation and outbound number presentation, meaning users are not able to make choices about presenting DDI, main office numbers or configuring numbers externally.

How do I maintain my number?
A IPBX Teams Voice licence enables you to keep your telephony features and integrate them with Microsoft Teams to put all your communications in one place. You are able to continue to benefit from excellent call packages, advanced call reporting and more. Most importantly you keep control of your telephone numbers and the flexibility to manage your own communications, independently of Microsoft’s future development plans.

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